Food & Drink Devon - Love the Flavour

Bell & Loxton are delighted to have been accepted as a member of Food & Drink Devon.

Food & Drink Devon – 'Love the Flavour' represents a membership of like minded businesses, dedicated to providing good quality local food & drink. The association is committed to continuously achieving its mission - 'To make Love the Flavour a nationally recognised brand for outstanding sustainable food and drink.'

Devon is made up of a patchwork of small fields, hedge banks, orchards, pastures and sheltered river valleys and has been producing food and drink for centuries. Buying local food and drink helps sustain that special link between landscape and its harvest. It helps support the stewardship of the countryside – the cycle of maintaining hedges, restoring orchards and providing a haven for wildlife as well as cutting down on emissions by reducing the carbon footprint.

We are looking forward to working with Food & Drink Devon and getting our oil out there!

For more information on Food & Drink Devon check out there website